"For the scoundrel will speak like a scoundrel, hatching evil in his heart, 
Godless in all his conduct."
Until we can settle on a description, have a few random quotes about the night from some of our previous guests:
SEXTASTIC!  - Man in a mac, Cardiff
"A refined and genteel gathering of gentlemen and ladies for convivial drinks and stiring conversation" - Dir T Gent, Parts-unknown
"If you have to ask, you probably don't want to know...." - Filthy-madam, Cymru
"Scoundrel Club is happiest times" - High-voltage-filthmonger, somewhere special
"I experienced some crimes against music, fashion, deviancy and alcohol abuse. WELL DONE EVERYBODY" - The Snowwoman, Bristol
"Wicked dude, long live scoundrel :)" - The cucumber king.
"Just what I needed!" - The deeply satisfied ginger!
"I was a 'new face' - but I swear it wont be the last time, best club night since i lived in glasgow xxxxx" - The breast-is-yet-to-come, spiceland
"As amazing as ever :)" - Sassatha Christie, MrEland
"This morning will be all about Prince, and I blame Scoundrel" - Professor Chaos, His Lab
"I had the best time! And I think I could drink that wonderful cocktail every day... :D" - Full of Sass, all over the land